Makers Atelier – The Flip Collar Shirt Dress

Another great pattern from Makers Atelier.  There are 3 versions that come in this pattern, I went for version 3, with the buttons down the back.  I think the extra delail really adds a little more, but I do need to work a little more on refining it.  On a couple of occasions, a button has come undone – not the best look in the world, so I am goin to make the button holes a lot smaller as I never need to undo them.  I may actually do this on the top too as the buttons never actually need to be used.I love the off the shoulder sleeves and the floppy launderd linen, which I bough from Merchant and Mills a couple of years ago. I’m not sure the pattern would have worked so well in a a more structed fabric.The pattern is very loose fitting, so if in doubt about which size to make, choose the smaller one. I make make the smaller version next time – although this is so comfy to wear!