The Factory Dress: Merchant and Mills

The fabric and pattern were a joy to work with.  The pattern is relatively easy to follow and has some good tips.  This was the first pattern I tried to line up along the checks, I got it pretty good on the pocket but not as good along the waist! I really got into the top stitching, holding my breath as I went along!

The cloth is a Japanese cotton from M&M, Kitakami Brown, it’s quite crisp and has a dense weave, with a few washes it has softened, but still has a lot of structure. I think this dress will last me years, I like it more as it and I age!  When ironed well it can be quite formal, or not (as is often the case) for a much more casual feel.  My friend, who always comment on my clothes said “don’t take this the wrong way, I love it, but it looks a bit ‘Prisoner Cell Block H’ in a uniform kind of way”.