I have found its always good to have some reference books.  There are loads of tutorials on line that I have found invaluable too such as videos on you tube on putting in invisible zips, or how to do a slip stitch.  Google has an fantastic wealth of tips and tricks (amongst some pretty bad stuff too!) Whenever I came across a difficulty, such as how to fell seams, I always managed to find a clear instructional guide out there somewhere.

The Merchant and Mills Sewing Book has been a great help, from how to make a ‘ham’ to best iron shoulders to making a lovely ironing board cover so even the more mundane elements of making things are enjoyable.  It is filled with lovely utilitarian projects such as the Makers Apron and Fishermans Top along with fabric guides and tips on the best tools to use.  The workbook is more advanced and is filled with projects and patterns.  I have made The Strides’ from this, but definitely went a bit wrong on this pattern, I think this pattern is for the more competent maker, there are many other projects I would like to have a go at, all in good time!