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For me, the return to making is about slowing down, focusing on the details of each part of the process and building an understanding of the materials.  From choosing fabrics and cottons, the act of searching for quality fabric shops and discovering some wonderful independent pattern makers along the way.

These acts are also connected to my past, travelling by bus with my mum to Bolton market to buy fabric for a dress or a bedspread. Watching her sew on her old Singer machine that she got on her 21st birthday and playing with the buttons she kept in the old quality street tin. I think mum enjoyed sewing, but it was more of a necessity for her, balancing the housekeeping, she had a knitting machine too for the same reason. I remember she made me a denim jacket and jeans with sew on badges when I was about 7.

Button White Thumb

Well I finally thought I’d better put a picture on here of myself, I’m Anne and my nearest and dearest – my husband Christian and the lovely Buster, our Jack Russell. We live in North Dorset in a very old house, we enjoy home cooking and walking at weekends oh yes…. and I enjoy sewing.